My name is Reuben Varzea. I’m a husband, and a dad to an amazing little girl. When I was entering high school, I had seriously been considering a career in the food industry. What happened to change that plan? That’s a story for another time. But, one thing that never left me was a love and passion for food. It’s a love rooted in memories. With food being the common denominator amongst all societies and cultures, these are memories that we all have. More importantly, they’re memories we can share. I want to share some of mine with you, but also want to discover some great food memories that others have experienced

My interest in the culinary world didn’t end when I made my career choice. Watching chefs take raw ingredients and transforming them in to a delicious plate of  food is, to me, nothing short of magic. How do they do it? Why do they do it? What was it that made them decide that they wanted to make cooking their life’s work? It’s intriguing, and I want to find out more. My plan is to do that through interviews with chefs, and others in the food industry, and sharing those interviews with you.

Twitter: @behindthepass
Facebook: Behind the Pass
Email: behindthepass@gmail.com

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