The epic-ness that was Cochon 555 Boston

Cochon 555 in Boston went down on March 24th. A fantastic evening filled with porky goodness saw Michael Scelfo of Russell House Tavern was crowned the Boston King of Porc.​ This year was also the first year for “Punch Kings”, a cocktail competition featuring Breckenridge Bourbon. Taking the Punch King win was Kevin Mabry from jm Curley.

I’m a little late to the party on posting a follow up to the Cochon 555 event held on March 24th at the Revere Hotel Boston Common. But, when an event turns out such incredible food from some of the most talented chefs in the city of Boston… better late than never.

The over 500 attendees were privy to all sorts of porky goodness from Chefs Colin Lynch, Jody Adams, Michael LaScola, Michael Scelfo, and Brian Young. Only one of the chefs, though, would be crowned King (or Queen) of Porc. That honor went to Michael Scelfo of Russell House Tavern (full menus from all the participating chefs can be found just below the photos).

This year was also the first year for “Punch Kings”, a cocktail competition featuring Breckenridge Bourbon. Taking the Punch King win was Kevin Mabry from jm Curley.

One of the additional takeaways from the event, for me at least, was the impressive amount of culinary volunteers, mostly culinary students coming from Cambridge Culinary and Johnson & Wales. Through a raffle that was held, the winners walking away with a variety of pig parts butchered on site by Michael Dulock of M.F. Dulock, Cochon 555 was able to raise $1,000 which would be donated to the culinary schools in attendance. 

Chef Scelfo will go on to represent Boston at Grand Cochon at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen on June 16th. 

If you like the photos and care to use any of them, please just give me a shout!

Michael Scelfo (WINNER) – Russell House Tavern

Golden raisin & apricot mostarda, rye
Pig’s Face Pierogi
Smoked apple butter, home made yogurt, caraway shallot pickles
Crispy Earl Grey Pork Belly
Smoked Anson Mills grits, cherries
Charcuterie Duo
Morcilla, romesco, preserved lemon & Mortadella, pistachio butter, gremolata
Chicken Fried Trotter & Kidney Steak
Pork fat ranch, sweet pickled ramps
Candied Pig’s Neck Bread Pudding
Brown sugar & bacon crumble, maple

Jody Adams – Rialto

Braised Pork Shoulder & Sausage Lasagna
Eggplant, sun choke, spinach, ricotta, harissa tomato sauce, rosemary
Bacon & Oysters
Crispy pork belly lardon, IC oyster, macadamia nut, pickled cabbage, mint
Date & Almond Porchetta
Belly, shoulder, spring onion, jus, fennel fronds
Spicy Zampone
Grapefruit, Aleppo, pecorino, salsa verde
“Fifth Quarter” Bruschetta
Liver, kidney, heart confit, tongue, artichoke, roasted peppers, olives, parsley
Tortello di Lastra
Cured smoked loin, mortadella, ginger fig chutney, pig’s head fritter, dijon aioli, chives

Colin Lynch – Menton

Blood Sausage and Onion Macaroon
Dijon mustard
Chicharon and Jowl
Pad thai, peanuts, cuttlefish
90% Horse Ikea Meat Balls
Huckleberry, crème fraiche
Carnitas Taco
“al pastor”
Pastrami Reuben
Our Ode to McMillan and Morin’s Ode to KFC

Michael LaScola – American Seasons

Pork & Liver Meatloaf Sandwich
Smoked tomato & blood ketchup, onion marmalade
Pig Head Pastrami
Rye soil, Russian dressing
Boudin Noir Perogi
Smoked pig confit, mustard & pork broth, pickled apple
Breakfast Pork Sausage
Maple ham, cinnamon toast, cracklins 
Lardo Carrot Cake
Candied pig crunchies

Brian Young – Citizens Public House & Oysters

Jello Shot
Gordon & Macphail 1999 Caol Ila Single Malt Scotch The Citizen’s Single Barrel, natural gelatin, maple
Fried Bologna Sandwich
Mortadella, brioche, kumquat mostarda
Nose to Tail Terrine
Sweet & hot pickle relish
Rice Crispy Treats
Chicharones, blood, bacon caramel
Inside Out Pig’s Head
Chocolate, head cheese mousseline, luxardo cherries, citrus

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