The Foodie Journal is on the move…

Hey everyone!

After much internal debate and research, I’ve decided that I’ll be moving the Foodie Journal site to a new web platform. WordPress has served me very well, but I want to move the site to a system that will allow me a little bit more control than the offering I’m currently using. Along with that will come a vastly improved design and layout! I’ve shared the new design with a handful of folks, and the response has been very positive. I hope that will carry over to everyone that visits the new site when it goes live!

So, what does this change as far as you’re concerned? Hopefully very little! The web address will remain the same, and I’ll still be promoting new content via the Twitter and Facebook channels already established. For you email subscribers, I’ll be transferring your subscriptions to a new subscription system and will send out updates when new postings go live. For users, there will unfortunately be an extra step. Hopefully you’ve grown to enjoy the content provided on The Foodie Journal and won’t mind taking a few moments, once the new site is up, to go over and subscribe for email updates. If you want to just get on the new subscription list ASAP, I’d be glad to do the work for you! Just send a note to, and I’ll get you set up! Easy, peasy. :)

I just want to take a quick moment to thank everyone that has visited The Foodie Journal. The success of the site has been quite a great deal beyond my original expectations, and I have you to thank for it. Here’s to many more years to come!

If all goes well, the new site will launch on Friday, March 1st.

See you all soon, and thanks for reading The Foodie Journal!

– Reuben

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