“Write what you know.”

“What should I write about? Where do I start?”

I’ve asked those questions a million times. I’ve enjoyed writing (and reading) since I was young. In grade school I wrote poems. In high school I wrote short-stories, and occasionally for the school newspaper. When I entered the work force, my writing dropped off significantly. So, when I suddenly felt the itch to start writing again a few years back, the questions came flooding back. What should I write about? Where do I start?

While no one knows with 100% certainty, the quote in the title above is attributed to Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain. Truer words and better advice to the want-to-be writer may not exist: “Write what you know.”

One thing I do know is that I love food. I like making, eating, talking and writing about food. Furthermore, I like the memories that come from food. Being in the moment is always excellent, but I enjoy the act of reliving it with friends months, or even years later just as much. That’s the impact that food can have. It’s why I cringe when ever I hear someone say, “It’s just food.” If it was, then how could it impact our lives in the way it does? The truth, at least in my mind, is simple: It’s more than just food. That’s what I know. So that’s what I write.

My focus for my writing over the coming months will continue to be two-fold: Talking about my own personal food experiences, and speaking with people in the culinary world and learning more about their experiences. As a part of my desire to expand my understanding of the culinary world, I’ve managed to get the ok to step in to a professional kitchen for the first time. Along with that will come a follow-up interview with the man kind enough to let me in to his kitchen, Chef Jamie Bissonnette.

“Write what you know.” Tomorrow I’ll know more than I do today. Even more the day after that. And that’s exactly what I plan to write about.

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2 thoughts on ““Write what you know.”

  1. Excellent approach to your food writing. Those of us who look at life as a learning experience get the opportunity to expand our interests and enjoy a richer life. It does take work but anything worthwhile is worth the work.

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