Why food could (and should) be your next gift

We’ve all been there. A special occasion comes along and we need to buy someone a gift. The problem is deciding what to get, right? Let’s face it. Some of us have a hard time picking out something WE want, let alone something someone else is going to want. Well, here’s a food experience that I had about four years ago that might lead you down the right road.

It was my in-laws wedding anniversary. My wife and I had been trying to figure out what we should do for them, but were having no luck. “Should we maybe do a party?” I asked. “Maybe get them an overnight at a hotel somewhere?” “What about a washer?” We were pretty all over the place with our ideas. After a couple of hours, we finally came up with our brilliant idea: We would make them a three-course dinner.

Mind you, I have NO idea how we finally came around to this idea. We went ahead with it, though, and the final result was brilliant.

Prosciutto wrapped figs with goat cheese
Prosciutto wrapped figs with goat cheese

The menu was superb, if I do say so myself. My wife handled the appetizer, while I took care of the entree and dessert. The first course served was prosciutto wrapped figs with herbed goat cheese. The main entree, a pan sauteed filet mignon with caramel-brandy mushroom sauce. (No joke. I rocked it out on that one. :)) And finally, for dessert, a molten chocolate cake with raspberry drizzle and Tahitian vanilla-bean ice cream. It was a bangin’ meal.

Now, granted… parents will lovingly eat just about anything made for them by their children. We could have busted out crackers and tuna helper, and they’d have raved. I get it. But, we did my in-laws proud with that meal. My mother-in-law cried, one of those rare times when making a woman cry is a good thing. To this day, four years later, my mother-in-law still brings up that night as one of the best anniversaries of their lives.

It took a little effort on our part to plan, buy the groceries, prep, and cook the meal. In all, I think we spent $40 on the groceries, the bulk going towards the proteins. But, I struggle to think of how it could have worked out any better. I personally remember that night fondly, working in the kitchen with my wife. It really was almost like a dance, now that I think back on it. We never once stepped on each others toes. My in-laws remember  that night every time their anniversary comes around, and not just because it was a good meal. They remember it because their family, who they love more than anything, made them a lovely dinner.

So the next time you stop to think about what to get for someone you love, why not think about making them a meal. I promise it will be a night they’ll never forget.

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