Back at it…

I’m sad to look at this blog now and realize that its been so LONG since my last blog post. To the three of you that follow my blog, I sincerely apologize. ;)

In all seriousness though, things have changed considerably in my life. The most significant of which is that I am now the proud papa of a 3-month old baby girl! So to say “priorities have changed” would be an understatement.

Having a daughter to raise now has actually had an impact on what I find to be important. Aside from the obvious (caring for her spiritual and physical well-being), I want her to be able to look back one day and say, “You know what? I had great childhood.” Thinking on that has just served to remind me of how I grew up and how food impacted my life. Yes, I needed sustenance. But, lets face it. I don’t look back and think about how the food I ate as a child helped me to grow and survive. I look back and think about the food I ate as a child and think of my mother.

My mother was, and is, a phenomenal cook. When discussions arise about food and home-cooking, its not long before my mom’s name is thrown in to the mix. I would venture a guess that cooking is one of her favorite things to do, even more so when its for her family. When we get together as a family, which unfortunately isn’t very often these days considering that we live in different parts of the country, she goes over board. In total there are 11 of us. That includes both my parents, my two brothers and their families, and myself, my wife and the baby. So how does that add up to 7 different dishes on the table? The answer is simple, really. We all have favorite dishes, and if she knows what your favorite dish is then that’s what will be on the table when you sit down to break bread.

It goes back to the whole reason for this site. Sometimes, you have to live to eat. Yes, survival and well-being have to play a part. You do need to eat to be able to live. But, where I’m from, food isn’t just about putting something in your belly. It’s about memories. It’s about comfort and joy. Food is about love.

Some people out there don’t really care much about food. I don’t quite get that. Maybe their mothers (or fathers) weren’t very good cooks. But, I’m thankful that my mom was a good cook and that I have those memories. From this point on, along with my wife (who is an amazing cook as well), I look forward to making those kinds of memories with my daughter.

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