The Last Supper

As is the case with most foodies, I’m a fan of the Food Network. One of my favorite series on the network is “Best Thing I Ever Ate”, and last night they aired a new episode called “Last Supper”.

“Last Supper” is a game played by various members of kitchen and wait staff after they have finished their shifts and retreated to the quiet recesses of secret haunts. It’s one that foodies might even think about on occasion, but more often than not we’re distracted far more by “what’s my next supper”, rather than “what would be my LAST supper”.

The game, quite simply, goes like this: You’re either on death row for some horrible offense (poor tipping? sending food back to the kitchen?), or your deathly ill (we know how much people enjoy eating when they’re sick). Either way, the question to you is this… What would you want for your final meal?

For me, this is right up there with, “What’s your favorite movie? Book? Song?” There are so many, how can I possibly choose??

After many hours of soul-searching, though, I believe I have managed to make my choice. My last supper would be at The Capital Grille.

The Capital Grille
The Capital Grille

If you aren’t in the know on this one, The Capital Grille is a high end national chain along the lines of the more well known Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Having eaten at both multiple times, my nod has to go to The Capital Grille’s Bone-In Kona Crusted Dry Aged Sirloin.

I know that other restaurants have done a similar steak, rubbed with coffee grounds, but I can only opine in regards to one I’ve tried. I assure you, the version served up by the culinary masterminds at The Capital Grill, well seasoned and rubbed with Kona coffee grounds, is worth ordering, and then reordering. Adding to the flavor of this perfectly seasoned sirloin is a delicious caramelized shallot butter that adds a nuttiness to the steak. But, don’t for one minute think I’d stop there.

A great steak deserves great ‘fixings’. No question I’d get the au gratin potatoes, since no final meal would be complete without starchy, creamy goodness. The Kona steak and au gratin combo is by far one of the best meals I’ve ever had that just thinking about it, I feel all weak in the knees. It’s THAT good. But, since we’re talking about a last meal, I think a second side dish would be in order, so I’d request a bathtub sized portion of their lobster mac-and-cheese. I know that the amount of butter and cheese in their lobster mac has to be horrible for your health, but we’re talking the last supper here. Clogged arteries and heart stoppage for the win!

Add a fine glass of red wine to go with it, and this is without a question a meal worth dying for.

So the question comes to you – what would be your last meal? We’ve all had meals we remember fondly. Foods that we crave in the middle of the night. And, if you don’t, well I’m disappointed for you! Just know that it is never too  late to discover the overflowing plates of cuisines in our wide world. Get out there and explore!

– If you feel like sharing YOUR last meal selection, do so in the comments below! If you know other foodies, or people in general who enjoy talking about food, but sure to share this blog with them.

3 thoughts on “The Last Supper

  1. My last supper would have to be the “ultimate mac and cheese” from Fat cat in Quincy Ma…its amazing it has all the protein u need for a lifetime…chicken, steak, crab meat etc all in one plate, its amazing to say the least, and yes its sooo creamy! writting about it is making me want it so i’ll stop…

  2. Mine would have to be in the town of Vernazza, Cinque Terra, Italy. Wine made by the restaurant itself, seafood antipasto (wow, that fish was fresh) from the days catch, pesto ravioli with a ribbon of a light chocolate in the ravioli pasta. Dessert wine, tiramisu (I know, very touristy, but we WERE in Italy), my mouth ia starting to water…

  3. This is a hard one…
    One of the things that always makes me happy and “weak in the knees” is the Queso Rebozado con Miel and Gambas al Ajillo at Dali Restaurant in Somerville MA.
    That with plenty of bread and sangria would make me a very satisfied girl!

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