Sometimes you have to live to eat…

So, I don’t know that anyone will ever read any of this. Maybe a few friends. Maybe some strangers. But, ultimately I thought it would be fun to write about a topic that I really do love…


Don’t pretend you don’t care about what you eat! More often than not, if you go somewhere that involves food and it isn’t up to snuff, you don’t have nearly as good a time as you might have otherwise.

“It was a nice wedding, but the food was terrible.”

“I really liked the resort, but wish they had more selections available at the buffet.”

Yes, it isn’t the only thing, but it sure is an important thing!

Everyone on this planet, even health nuts or those who are allergic to just about everything, have a favorite food. For most of us, food can serve as a memory trigger, reminding us of a place we’ve been, a moment we’ve experienced, or a person we love. Food is one of those great things that involves using all our senses. It isn’t just about how something tastes, but how it looks on the plate, what it smells like, the sounds of friends and passers-by as you eat and enjoy time together, and if you’re particularly playful, even sometimes how it feels.

While it certainly is clear that the food we take in needs to serve as fuel for our bodies, for the vast majority of us, it means a whole lot more. Yes, we definitely need to eat to live. But, there are so many things to enjoy when it comes to food that sometimes you really DO have to live to eat.

I’m going to share with you my thoughts on anything food related. Restaurants, recipes, ingredients, grocery stores… and the occasional food memory. Feel free to leave comments and share some of your thoughts too!

Will talk to you soon!

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