Meatless Monday Recipes: Spiced Pumpkin Risotto courtesy of inSHAPE

Spiced pumpkin is truly a fall favorite, and we will likely be using it quite a lot this season. Pumpkins came early and are already so tasty. Here’s a tasty dish that you can make and enjoy as a side dish or as your main for Meatless Monday. Continue reading


Meatless Monday Recipes: Bulgur-shuka courtesy of inSHAPE

Tomatoes and eggs are two of my favorite foods! One of these days, I’m going to have an egg-laying hen or two, and we already grow tomatoes on the fire escape at my apt. Bulgur-shuka is a hearty take on Shakshuka, a Mediterranean dish that we’ve published several times.

In this version, we stuck to a marinara seasoned sauce and added simply cooked bulgur for texture. Was the perfect weekend dish for our entire family!

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Meatless Monday Recipes: Pumpkin Soup courtesy of inSHAPE

The pumpkin is a beloved, if not difficult, ingredient in hearty autumn dishes. A large squash that is equally satisfying in both savory and sweet dishes, the pumpkin deserves a spot on everyone’s table! This tasty soup is surprisingly easy to prepare and tastes great. Coupled with a green salad, your Monday dinner will become an event to celebrate.

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Meatless Monday Recipes: Eggplant Parmesan courtesy of inSHAPE

With the chill in the air, its hard not to start thinking of autumn. Eggplant is an autumn delight, and the parmesan style of preparing it remains a favorite. However, the thinly cut, heavily breaded style is boring and a little too heavy on the starchy carbs. So, we did some research and came up with a flavorful version that is twice baked. With whole wheat or quinoa pasta, this dish is a testament to the diminished value of meat on the plate! Cheers to Meatless Monday!

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Screaming Succotash

Meatless Monday Recipes: Screaming Succotash courtesy of inSHAPE

Foods ladened with flavorful spices achieve several goals in your healthy eating life. They boost your metabolism, decrease inflammation, and may contribute to a healthier digestive system. This yummy version of succotash is fresh, crunchy and full of flavor. Topped with cayenne dusted ricotta and broccoli sprouts, your taste buds will be as tickled as your waistline.

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Green Tomato Parmesan

Meatless Monday Recipes: Green Tomato Parmesan courtesy of inSHAPE

Green tomatoes don’t get the praise of their riper brethren but they taste terrific when prepared well. With a low fat buttermilk coating and blended breading, they satisfy without overdoing it on the processed carbs and calories.

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Black Rice Pilaf with Apricot Dressing

Meatless Monday Recipes: Black Rice Pilaf with Apricot Dressing courtesy of inSHAPE

I still love white rice and indulge in it with sushi every once in a blue moon, but “fancy” rice has taken on a¬†whole new meaning as the effects of refined carbohydrates have been underscored.

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