Screaming Succotash

Meatless Monday Recipes: Screaming Succotash courtesy of inSHAPE

Foods ladened with flavorful spices achieve several goals in your healthy eating life. They boost your metabolism, decrease inflammation, and may contribute to a healthier digestive system. This yummy version of succotash is fresh, crunchy and full of flavor. Topped with cayenne dusted ricotta and broccoli sprouts, your taste buds will be as tickled as your waistline.

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Green Tomato Parmesan

Meatless Monday Recipes: Green Tomato Parmesan courtesy of inSHAPE

Green tomatoes don’t get the praise of their riper brethren but they taste terrific when prepared well. With a low fat buttermilk coating and blended breading, they satisfy without overdoing it on the processed carbs and calories.

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Black Rice Pilaf with Apricot Dressing

Meatless Monday Recipes: Black Rice Pilaf with Apricot Dressing courtesy of inSHAPE

I still love white rice and indulge in it with sushi every once in a blue moon, but “fancy” rice has taken on a whole new meaning as the effects of refined carbohydrates have been underscored.

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Alex Atala - Photo courtesy of D.O.M. Restaurant

The link between nature and culture: An interview with Alex Atala of D.O.M. Restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil

For so many chefs it is no longer just about “the final plating”. Understanding where the ingredients come from, how they were grown and raised, how to ensure its sustainability for future generations is just as important. For Alex Atala, considered by many to be the ambassador for Brazilian ingredients, it is one of his primary focuses and a part of what drives him to create. During my interview with Chef Atala we touch on his appreciation for cooking, the trials of opening his now world famous restaurant, and his personal food memory.

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Chilled Snake Squash Soup with Mint

Meatless Monday Recipes: Chilled Snake Squash Soup with Mint courtesy of inSHAPE

I’d never seen a snake squash until I walked into our local Harlem market and found a huge bin of them. The one that I selected, if you can call it that, had no external cuts or nicks.

The soup is served chilled, which makes it perfect for a summer get together. This is a great recipe to do the day before!

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Paneer ka paratha

Meatless Monday Recipes: Paneer Ka Paratha courtesy of inSHAPE

When there’s an active youngster in the house (or more than one), snacks are really important. Buying packed snacks underscore our modern struggle with weight and overall health, so we try to snack mostly on foods that grow or things that we can make at home.  Yes, this can take time and, for what it’s worth, a little muscle. Do yourself a favor and give this simple recipe a try for a yummy snack treat that you and your kids will love.

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